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Sara Caba

A retro fit of a disused series of office spaces at the back of a Tesco superstore of the Battersea Park Road and a large housing estate was not the first site that you would think could be transformed into a vibrant Spanish Language and Dance School.  Our client, Founder & Director Sara Caba had a different vision to make this space alive, with themed culture, vibrant and colourful spaces to delight.

As native vibrant South American Spanish teacher and dancer, it was her passion to move the school they had work on for the past 10 years form a smaller venue into the heart of Battersea.  Working closely with Independent Interior Designer Catherine Godon the use of colour, the client energy lit the room and ideas of how we could transform the space appeared, we were able to take this once tired looking gridded ceiling space into a fiery converted world of dance, food, and learning.

The requirement was 3 themed classroom, A restaurant space and 2 dance spaces. The upper floor had low ceilings, but we discovered loft spaces and revealed a pitched ceding enlarge the heights from 2.4 - 5.5 meters. We were even able to add a story which later became a small chill our area for the staff and teachers.

The Battersea Spanish collaboration with the tapas room who KA-A have worked with in the past, and they bought their very well and adored Spanish flavours and their award winning blue and white tapas room space as a welcoming entrance to the school.

Client Review

The team from KAA was a key part of helping us maximize the usable space, finding creative ways to work around structural walls, and coming with a number of excellent ideas to change the look and feel of the site without breaking the budget.  The floor plans, electric and fire plans and elevations all were a massive help to ensure that all of the contractors were able to build, paint, and light according to the design plans. We and our community are all incredibly happy with the 'Nueva Casa' of Battersea Spanish!

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