KAA is a proud signatory of both the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge which aims “to help architects meet net zero (or better) whole life carbon for new and retrofitted buildings by 2030” and Architects Declare which focuses on the twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

In order to meet these challenges, KAA will incorporate sustainability considerations into all stages of its work including the design of buildings, local economic factors, the circular use of materials, travel, transport, ways of working and so forth.

The RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge targets consider the latest recommendations from the Green Construction Board and have been validated through consultation with UK professional bodies and with the Committee on Climate Change. They include:


Reducing operational energy usage by at least 75%, before offsetting


Reducing embodied carbon by at least 50-75%, before offsetting


Reducing potable water usage by at least 40%


Achieving the RIBA 2030 Challenge core health and wellbeing targets on temperature, daylight and indoor air quality

Architects Declare acknowledge the significant impact that the built environment has on the environment more generally with buildings and constructions accounting for nearly 40% of energy related carbon dioxide as well as having a major impact on our natural habitats.  Signatories to the Declaration seek to address these issues in their work creating a level of harmony and sustainability between the construction carried out and the environment in which it sits.